Welcome to Our New Website!

Updates + News | Feb 16 / 18

A warm welcome to you from our Executive Director, Karin Bjerke-Lisle. 

If you are a regular visitor to our website (and I hope you are!), I expect you may have thought you were in the wrong place. Yes, we are very excited about the “facelift” our site has undergone. As Monty Python would say, “…and now for something completely different.”

Change is inevitable.

One of a museum’s many purposes is to record that change and preserve it for future generations. As our home page indicates, “Celebrating our community through preserving artifacts, designing exhibits, and communicating stories.


What constitutes an artifact and when, in fact, does it become an artifact?  I used to write a weekly column for a small regional newspaper in Saskatchewan. In a recent move, we came across a long overlooked box of 8 inch floppy discs {in a multitude of colours!} on which I recorded my columns for delivery to the newspaper office in the neighbouring town. As I recall, each disc had very limited storage, perhaps fifteen to twenty columns in total would fit. My son carries a “memory stick” smaller than my pinky finger that holds school essays, homework, pictures, and music.  My children were astonished that I needed so many of these floppy discs.

I remember my father showing us, with pride, his new car phone.  It was a big cumbersome device, with its own carrying case, that plugged into the dashboard console. Today, a flip top phone is jokingly considered “vintage” and many of us are accessible 24/7 with our mobile phones.

And so change is inevitable.

We are forever indebted to Paul Lowe for serving as White Rock Museum & Archives webmaster for almost a decade. He volunteered his time so that our website was current and ensuring that our audience was aware of the many exhibits, events, and activities we have to offer. With time, and change in social media, it became clear it was time for a fresh look. And so, after months of hard work, we are so pleased to share our new website with you. Please enjoy perusing and share widely.