Regarding White Rock: art of a community

Regarding White Rock: art of a community draws on works from the museum’s art collection that feature White Rock as their subject matter. The exhibit invites the viewer to appreciate the natural and built beauty of this community and to recognize the ways that this location has provided inspiration to generations of artists.

the beauty of everyday things highlights simple everyday items from the museum’s collection that the curator chose because of the quality of their design. Whether the item is a shoehorn or a toaster, the exhibit invites the viewer to notice and appreciate the quality of these everyday things, and to perhaps look at the simple everyday things that they own in a new light.

“After coming through the difficult year that was 2020, I wanted the first exhibits of our 2021 season to be a celebration of beauty and a way to recognize the value of the community in which we live.” – Charlene Garvey, Curator


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Feb 9, 2021 - May 25, 2021


Charlene Garvey