Passages: Narratives of Identity and Space

From the rhythm and patterns of our social behaviours, to the movements of communities and social groups, this exhibition examines societal and cultural practices concentrating on perception and behaviour.

The way we recognize patterns and how we perceive meaningful information is directly linked to our cultural environment and social identification. The universal human tendency to search for identity and space is often correlated to how we perceive cultural symbols, traditional and conventional patterns.

While investigating the occupation of space and place – in terms of geography, materiality, built environments, social institutions, the body and ideological positions – each artist inquires after the behaviours that cause us to identify with certain patterns and relations. These artistic practices are used to explore the narratives of the lived experience.

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Mar 15, 2017 - Apr 29, 2017


Trinity Western University Senior Fine Arts class


Special thanks to Erica Grimm, Doris Auxier, Alysha Creighton, Amy Reese, and the students of the 2017 graduating class.